As fathers, mothers, guardians, teachers and schools our greatest desire is to see the lives our children be nourished and equipped for a better life. There is a common proverb around the whole world that parents sacrifice all that they are that their children may have a better life than them. And one may ask, what does constitute a better life? Is it more money in the bank? Is it a bigger house? Is it more fame, accolades, certificates or degrees? Is it the coveted seat at the top of the proverbial corporate ladder, where power knows no limits? I am sure we all have a picture of what we are sacrificing for our children and I’d like for us to take a moment and look ahead into what we desire for our children.

Just for a moment I’d like for us to close our eyes and look into the future. Envision 20 to 30 years from now. How would you like your child to be? Envision the house they live in. Envision them in any job. Imagine what their family would look like. Beautiful right. Now ask yourself the following questions; What kind of a boss or employee would they be? Would they be ones to take on initiative or would they just be passive? What kind of a citizen would they be? Would they be one to feed the monster of corruption or promote positive values and responsible citizenship? What would they be like in their families? Would they be able to communicate to their spouses well? Would they be able to love them well and create a solid foundation for their children? Would they have a positive support system that strengthens them? Would they be whole or would they be empty? Would they be fulfilled or would they still be searching all around in alcohol, sexual affairs and other such things?

We have the opportunity to plug into their lives. Corona Virus may have come with a lot of things but one of the greatest gifts it has given us is time. We can redeem time. We can refocus, we can re-establish, we can re-direct and discover all that we were made for. Schools may have been closed but learning is still open. I encourage us to begin the process of ploughing into our children more and more that they may understand life. That they may understand relationships. That they may understand purpose. That they may understand their identity. That we could sow seeds of love and compassion that would allow for them to become wholesome individuals, who understand their worth, know their identity and empower others in the community.

For the next couple of months, we are looking to walk with families on this journey of equipping their children for a wholesome life. We have structured programs that will enable for children to be equipped for a wholesome life. The program structure is as follows;

  • Online videos teaching various life skills from a Biblical perspective.
  • Mentorship meetings and calls for interested parties in line with topics discussed.
  • Reading material for the family and children on the various topics.

Join us on the online frontier that we may be able to start laying the foundations for children to have a wholesome life. That they may not just have money, power and materials but they may have a sense of understanding who they really are, as they are established in the love of the Most High.

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