Children are a gem and a treasure from the Lord. In all essence they are a beautiful gift. Not only do they belong to us but also to the Lord. Remember the Words of Jesus, “Let the children come to me.” He also goes on to give a strong warning to anyone that may lead His children astray. He says that its better off for them to be thrown into the middle of the sea with a mill-stone tied around their neck. A mill-stone weighs roughly at around a tonne or even more. Imagine that.

As a way to safeguard and treasure our children we need to pray for them. We too are also children of God and that’s why we need to pray for ourselves and also for one another. These prayers are written in such a way that they are for everyone. You can replace the pronouns in the prayer with your own name, the name of your children or even that of your loved one. The prayers are for everybody. And if you have no children we urge you to also take up the prayers and pray for your children to come. Remember prayers are stored in Heaven and are not affected by time. Start storing up the prayer bank for your children.

May the Lord bless you and minister to you as you pray these prayers. May His hand be upon you and May His Zeal accomplish all that He has apportioned for you.

They will be established in the land and see the Goodness of God. They will be blessed in the city and in the fields, in their coming and their going. May the Lord shine His face continuously towards them, lifting up their faces towards Him. They will be the Heads and not the tails. They will serve the Lord all the days of their lives. They will be a city on a hill that cannot be his. They will be the salt of the earth that does not lose its taste, and a light that shines bright in the darkness as they proclaim the Name of the Living God. They will be the trendsetters in their generation as they follow the living God.

The works of their hands will be blessed, and they will be excellent in all that they do. They will be a house built on a solid rock that is not overcome by the storm for the Lord Our God is their cornerstone, the firm foundation that they will stand upon. May they be clothed in the righteousness of the Living God and clothed in the armour of Holy Spirit.

The Lord Our God who watches over Israel will be their shelter and strong tower. The Lord will be their Shepherd, laying them by the still waters and refreshing their souls. Holy Spirit be their teacher, guiding them on righteousness and the ways of the Lord. They will dwell in the shelter of the Most High and the Shadow Of His Wings. We speak against any camps and plans of the evil one. They will live and not die and they will accomplish all the plans God has for them in their lives. They will possess all that God has apportioned them to possess. They will learn all that God has said they should learn. They will go everywhere the Lord has sent them to go.

Their destinies will not be cut short. Their stars will not be diminished neither will they be stolen. We cover their purposes and destinies in the blood of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. He has ransomed their lives with His blood paying the Highest price. We cancel every plot of the evil one and every deception of the devourer. May they stand on the everlasting truth that is the Word of God and worship Him all the days of their lives. May the Lord deliver them from temptations and the snares of the evil one.

May He fight their battles, that they may emerge victorious. May He be their banner and their shield. May He surround them and protect them from pestilences, diseases and plagues. May He deliver them from the arrows that fly by day and the pestilences that stalk in the darkness and the plague that strikes at midday.

May their lives be for You Lord, dedicated to Your service and to Your Name. Cover them in the pool of the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood that has ransomed their lives and made them Children of the Most High as they believe in You. They are Yours Lord, provide for their needs, heal their wounds, equip their lives, direct their paths and fill them with your love and your spirit now and forevermore.

They are blessed and highly favoured, saints of the Most High, a royal priesthood and a Holy Nation. Grow the life of Jesus Christ within them. Teach them to be sensitive to Holy Spirit who is all around them. Teach them how to rest in the arms of The Father who carries them.

You have prepared a place for them and may they be found worthy to dwell on it all the days of their lives. May your presence be with them now and forever more. Amen.



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