Greetings, we hope that this message finds you well in this Corona Times. That sounds like a newspaper. It might be so because a lot of what we hear about, are the tales and adventures of the Coronelius Virus, sorry Corona Virus. It is truly our prayers that fear may not have its way within our hearts, but that the Lord who watches over us and keeps us may deliver us from this plague that strikes at noonday. Read Psalm 91 for some reassurance if your are feeling troubled.

Anywho, fore the whole month of August we will be sharing on the topic of Purpose. We believe that is a key time for us as individuals, institutions, families and more so for our children to take time and reflect on the plans that God has for us. For surely without a doubt He has a plan for each and every one of us. His plan is without flaw and will surely lead us more and more into His presence and His dwelling place. This plan also fits into the big picture and the big story of the goodness, faithfulness and love that is God. Let me not go off into a preacher mode, because the love, goodness and faithfulness of God is a whole book all on its own. Read your Bible, pray everyday…was the song we were taught and surely as we spend time with Him in fellowship we see all that He is. And He is Good. He is Love. He is faithful. So faithful is He that He tied Himself to the promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Read Hebrews 13;5-6.

To kick of this topic we had some discussions throughout the week and here are the links to them.

Kids 3 years old to 8 years old.

Pre-teens  and Teens, 9 years to 16 years.

Late teens and youth from 17 to 24 or more.

To culminate the week we have these prayers on purpose and we pray that you and your family may be blessed. This is the video and the words are below.

I have been born with a purpose and a calling. I have been knit by the hands of the Lord God Most High. Even in my mother’s womb, He knew me, He was with me and He had a plan for me. He is watching over me. We cancel any voices or words spoken over our lives, purposes and destinies that are contrary to the plans and purposes of God.
We cancel and break every covenant made knowingly or unknowingly to serve any other purposes than the purposes of God. We renounce any words spoken or unspoken by our tongues or in our hearts that we would rather not serve the Lord Most High, Yahweh, Elohim.
We ask Lord for Your Mercy. Have mercy on us Lord for going away from your paths and directions. Have mercy on us Lord for thinking that other ways are higher and better than yours. Shield us Lord and deliver us from any plans, dedications and plot to serve any other Master but You Oh Lord.
Lord we call to you asking for Your deliverance. Deliver us from the snares and traps of the evil one. Deliver us Lord from the bondages and chains of destruction that seek to kill the dreams you have placed within. The chains and snares that seek to hold captive your purposes within us, that we may not proclaim your goodness and character in all that we do.
Lord free our hearts from selfish and fleshly desires for they are only guided towards pleasing the world and our selfishness. Lord free us from our worldly way of thinking, transform our minds that we may see your plans, your desires and your purposes at work in our lives. Deliver us from blindness Lord. Make us new again Lord that we may seek You first. That we may seek your plans first and that we may be humbled at your feet.
Lord remind us to seek first your presence, for you are all that we need in regards to our plans and purposes. Remind us Lord that in your hands is where we find safety and deliverance. May we not depart from your presence trying to accomplish your purposes and plans with our own strength, might, mind and power. Lord may we rest in you and your promises over our lives. You have the resources. You have the power. You have the connections. You have the knowledge and all that we need. The timing of when it is all to come to pass is within your hands, may we rest in you patiently waiting for your appointed time when your purposes in our life will be revealed and fulfilled.
Lord may we seek You first. May we seek Your Kingdom first and Your Righteousness. May our purposes and destinies unfold as we gaze upon You Lord and seek to dwell with You all the days of our lives.
Redeem Lord what the enemy has stolen. Redeem and restore what the locusts and cankerworms have eaten away. Forgive our foolishness Lord when we went by our own strength and the wisdom of the world. When like Samson we were led into captivity. We were captured, broken, blinded and enslaved. Heal us Lord. Restore us Lord. Lead us back to you Oh Lord we ask. Help us come back to you. Use us again.
Lord use us as your vessels, for your purpose and glory. Sanctify us Lord. Set us apart Lord and do not pass us by. Let all your plans and desires that you had about us from the beginning even before the foundations of the world come to pass in our lives now and forevermore. It’s not too late to use us Lord. Come and fulfill your purposes in our lives now and forevermore. We yield ourselves to you Lord. Have your way within us. Have your way in our lives, in our families, our relationships and all that we are. Have your way with us Lord, now and forevermore.

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