Pneumatika is derived from the Greek word Pneuma which means the vital spirit of a man, the soul or the creative force of a person. Pneumatika is, therefore, the products or gifts that come from this part of a human or from the living spirit of God. At Pneumatika Coaching Services we are focused on nurturing, equipping and empowering children so that their creativity, soul, and spirit is motivated towards providing solutions and empowering the lives of others in their community.We are based in Kiserian and we use sports and life skills as a tool to equip and empower the community.

Our teaching methodologies are based on Christian principles and concepts which help build character and give one a heart to serve others and impact their generation positively.We are focused on growth, excellence, stewardship, honesty, gentleness, hospitality, charitability and intimacy with God. Through these, we are able to create an environment that nurtures the whole child to engage the world for positive impact.



Coaching Philosophy

To empower communities through talent development, mentorship and key skill acquisition for solution-based leadership and virtuous execution of various roles in society.

Our mission is to use sports and talent development to nurture foundational skills that equip children for a purposeful and successful life.

We are dedicated to mentorship coaching. Our coaches create an environment for every child to be accepted, loved and celebrated.


Public School Training

Street Children Outreach

Children’s Home Training

Sporting Clinics